We can talk endlessly about the beauty of a rose, but in this article we will touch only on one side of the life of this amazing and beautiful color – using the rose in various beauty recipes.
The use of rose petals is invaluable for women’s health. Rose petals are used for relaxing baths and massages. Rose eases premenstrual syndrome, normalizes menstruation, relieves postpartum depression. Rose essential oil has antidepressant properties. The aroma of roses sets the romantic thoughts, perfect for a night of love. The healing properties of rose petals have been known since ancient times. There are stories that Cleopatra loved to take baths with milk and rose petals. This procedure is called “beauty bath”. To take a bath, you will need a liter of milk, a cup of bee honey and 2 tablespoons of rose oil. Such a bath perfectly cares for the skin, makes it very gentle and radiant, in addition, the aroma of roses calming effect on the nervous system. Bath beauty is perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one.

Rose petals contain many useful substances, such as vitamin C, B vitamins, carotene, calcium. Scientists say that fragrant petals contain almost the entire system of Mendeleev. Rose petals have a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system due to the high iron content. The calorie content of rose petals is 5 calories per 100 grams. They can be used in the diet.
Rose water is a well-known remedy for eye pain. In order to relieve the burning sensation in the eyes, it is enough to apply a cotton swab moistened with rose water to the eyelids. This procedure will quickly remove the discomfort. The procedure can be carried out every evening, especially if you spent the whole day working at the computer.
Rose has long been used to treat skin diseases. Rose petals have bactericidal properties, they can be used externally for small wounds. Harmful microorganisms die within five minutes after contact with the active substances of roses. Powder of rose petals is used for stomatitis, gum disease.

Harm of rose and contraindications
Rose petals can cause harm to the body if you are hypersensitive or have individual intolerance to this plant.

What is useful about rose?
The scent of rose is not just pleasant – it has a strong influence on the psyche and on the organism as a whole. The aroma of roses can relieve depression, improve mood, and a drop of rose essential oil on the heart area will eliminate discomfort and tension. Rose oil has literally miraculous properties. It can relieve stress, heals neurosis, relieves fatigue and increases efficiency. And in cosmetology, rose lotion is prepared or rose oil is also used in recipes for skin beauty. It is also easy to prepare rose water, rose oil and masks from a rose at home – it is simple and the effect is simply amazing!

Beauty recipes with rose
Recipe for making rose water at home. To make rose water, cut the flowers and, in the evening, dip 4-5 heads of red or pink roses in a glass dish. Fill with warm (but not hot!) water and leave overnight. Wash with pink water in the morning and in the evening – your skin will smooth out, freshen, fine wrinkles will disappear. Washing with pink water is especially helpful for dry skin. Roses bought in the store are not suitable for making homemade cosmetics! It is best to use roses and wild rose flowers grown in your own garden.

Recipe for making rose oil at home
Pour one glass of dried rose petals into the enamelware and cover with one glass of olive oil. Then put the dishes on the water bath and hold for 2 hours. After this time, strain the oil. Rose oil perfectly cleanses the skin, and also, tones and nourishes it. It is recommended to use rose oil for dry and normal skin of the face.

Pink powder face mask
For the preparation of this mask, the dried petals of 4-5 roses grind in a coffee grinder. Add one teaspoon of heavy cream and one teaspoon of egg white to one teaspoon of the resulting pink powder. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and leave for 5-10 minutes. Apply the mask on previously cleansed face and neck skin and hold for 20-30 minutes. This mask is suitable for normal and oily skin.

Rejuvenating mask for face and décolleté
To prepare the mask, mix half a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of rose water and two teaspoons of ground almond in a coffee grinder, and apply on cleansed skin. Keep the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Mask for sensitive skin
To prepare the mask brew one tablespoon of rose petals in one cup of boiling water, cover and let it brew for 30 minutes. Insist the strain and add starch to the consistency of thick starch drink, that is to say thin jelly. Apply the mask to your face, hold for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. This mask removes well the irritation on the skin.

Woman pouring oil from bottle onto palm

Rose petal lotion
To prepare the lotion, take the freshly picked petals of red roses and fill with vodka in a ratio of 1: 1. Insist in a dark, cool place for 30 days. Lotion of pink petals perfectly disinfects and rejuvenates the skin, as well as gives elasticity to it. You can store the lotion in the refrigerator and use it for a year.

Bath with essential rose oil
To prepare a bath, put 10 drops of rose essential oil on a bath of water. Take a bath for 10-15 minutes. This bath soothes well, relieves fatigue and restores skin tone.

Rose oil cream
You can improve the quality of the face cream if you add rose oil to it (only the oil bought from the pharmacy will do). Heat the cream in a water bath, add a drop of rose essential oil, mix and leave to cool.


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