The unique and healing properties of such a plant as wild rose were known in ancient times. For the first time, the ancient Greek scientist Theophrastus mentioned the favorable action of wild rose, and the eminent physician Hippocrates himself admired the properties of this plant. Nowadays rosehip is often used in cosmetology, rose hips for hair are especially useful, or rather seed oil of these fruits, which is obtained by hot extraction of seeds. But from the hips an excellent decoction for the hair can be made, but we’ll talk about it later. In addition, you will learn about the beneficial properties and composition of rosehip oil in this article. Let’s talk about the proper use of masks with oil, you can also learn the recipes of the most effective masks and read reviews of women who have already experienced the effect of this oil on their curls.

Composition and beneficial properties of rosehip oil for hair
The use of rosehip oil in cosmetology is now widespread, since this product has a lot of useful properties. The composition of this oil contains important fatty acids, which are responsible for nourishing the skin cells of the scalp, as well as vitamins A, F, C, and E. It is very easy to apply the oil in the composition of the masks or in its pure form, and with all the simplicity of application it gives a delightful result. Curls after exposure to rosehip oil begin to grow faster, the bulb is compacted, and this result of hair strengthening does not last long, literally after three, maybe even two uses, you will notice that the hair began to fall out much less. Rosehip will help against hair loss even in the most neglected cases. The main favorable property of the described oil is the restoration of the strands. Beauticians strongly advise to use rosehip oil for damaged, dry hair. With regular use, this oil can restore curls after harmful thermal effects. The oil returns hair beauty, shine, improves their condition and generally heals the strands after unsuccessful dyeing and perm.
As you have noticed, the use of rose hips is obvious and oil extract of rose hips is indispensable for hair, but oil masks are suitable only for owners of dry strands and split ends, and for girls with oily scalp and oily hair types it is better not to use these oil at all.

Where to buy rosehip oil?
Rosehip oil can be bought in a cosmetic store or a pharmacy. Also without problems, this product can be ordered online. We recommend that you buy oils in pharmacies, because it is there that they usually sell the highest quality products.

Apply rosehip oil to hair at home
Most often at home rosehip oil for hair is used in the composition of the masks. Also, the hair can be rinsed with a special decoction, about the preparation of decoction of the hips, we will talk in the next paragraph of this article. It is interesting that the rosehip infusion itself is a component of an effective quick hair mask. In its pure form, rosehip oil is used against hair loss. The oil is slowly massaged into the hair follicles by slow massaging movements, after rubbing it is possible to cover the head with a plastic bag. After 20 minutes, the oil is washed off with a soft shampoo (without parabens) for dry hair type. It is recommended to wash the curls twice, in order to surely wash off all the remaining oil. If you want to strengthen not only the bulbs, but also the strands themselves become more brilliant, after rubbing the oil into the roots, distribute warm kefir along the length of the curls, in this combination you will need to hold the mask for 40 minutes. Then rinse off just like clean oil.

Application of rose hips for hair
Rosehip for hair can also be added to ready shampoos or balms. During the shampooing, add two to three drops of oil to the product, and after four such manipulations, you will see that the curls will become elastic and docile. There are also several rules to follow when applying rosehip oil to hair:
Apply all rosehip masks with oil or infusion on a slightly wet clean curls;
Each mask is insulated with the help of a shower cap and a thick towel – first a cap is put on, then a towel should be wound on the head;
It is forbidden to blow dry hair after applying a mask or decoction. Let them dry naturally;
None of the masks with rosehip oil extract should be left overnight;
Only regular use of oil and infusion can produce results;
Do not make masks with oil more than twice a week.

Rosehip infusion for hair
Infusion from rosehips is an excellent means thanks to which you can strengthen hair roots, make strands softer and elastic. Broth should be rinsed hair after each hair wash.
To prepare the rosehip extract you need to take 20 fresh or dried rosehip berries, put them in a saucepan and pour boiling water over a liter of boiling water. Cover the pan with a lid and let it brew for half an hour. After the specified time, the berries can be removed from the water and cool the infusion. If the berries are fresh, then right in the broth they can be slightly kneaded, such ready broth is filtered through gauze. A similar amount of decoction should be enough for two to three rinsing. Also, you can make a healing mask with the addition of a decoction.
Mask for hair with rosehips ifusion
For the mask you need to take:
2 tablespoons of broth;
a tablespoon of liquid honey;
a tablespoon of lemon juice;
some flour to thicken the mask.
Notice that this mask is applied to dirty hair. The mask is distributed by the palms along the entire length, is not covered with anything, and after 15 minutes it is washed off the hair under warm water.


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