Cosmetic clay is a natural product that helps to rejuvenate, disinfect and soften the skin. The remedy is widely used today for the purpose of body care. In order that the masks with yellow clay act on your face in the best way, pre-purify the preferred method. Preparing the product is extremely simple, for this, the powder is dissolved with water, then the necessary additives are added. The clay mixture is applied to the entire face, with the exception of the skin around the perimeter of the eyes, and after a while is washed off.

The use of yellow clay
It is known that the regular application of clay masks promotes the improvement of the entire body, the remedy includes an effective therapeutic effect and a first-class caring potential. It is worth noting that the skin begins to purify itself of toxins in a natural way, it neutralizes the pathogenic bacteria. Derma gets powerful recharge of important substances and restores the natural tone.
This tool combines many improvised products. Clay should be used at least because it is able to quickly remove inflammation, and therefore, reduce the number of acne and protect well from the appearance of new foci. Metabolic processes improve at the cellular level. In addition, this natural drug can successfully treat dermatological pathologies and implement their prevention. Yellow clay can significantly soften rough skin on any part of the body, which turns problem areas into a pride.
Along with intensive moistening, a soft cleansing is achieved, which is expressed by removing the layer of dead cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. With constant use, the product heals minor damage, produces pore disinfection and eliminates peeling. After masks the face looks fresh and young.
The undoubted advantage of yellow clay is its completely safe composition, which does not include harmful aluminum. The drug can be successfully applied for the purpose of strengthening hair, and also applied to the entire body to smooth out cellulite. Clay is an indispensable tool for high-quality peeling, it excels in wrapping and taking mineral baths, and also acts as a good base for homemade soap.

Recipes of masks based on yellow clay
Traditionally, masks with yellow clay are kept on the skin for a maximum of a quarter of an hour, enough 1-2 sessions per week.
Ingredients of masks for the face:

  • yellow clay;
  • water;
  • natural vegetable oils;
  • essential oils;
  • liquid vitamins;
  • aloe juice;
  • bicarbonate puree;
  • raw egg yolk;
  • fresh mint;
  • natural honey;
  • apple vinegar;

Clay against acne and for skin rejuvenation
Healthy skin definitely needs preventative care, it is required for reliable protection against acne. To prevent this problem you will meet no problems it is extremely simple, but it is difficult to treat existing defects, so delicate prevention is topical for everyone. Use for this purpose clay paste with oils, since it is endowed with antiseptic properties.
If you arrange such sessions every week, then you will not encounter the problem of inflammation and irritation. To make a convenient substance, you need to dissolve clay powder with mineral water, add extra virgin olive oil, then drop any essential oils for a particular skin type. For example, floral, coniferous and citrus preparations are a good choice. It’s good to add aloe juice instead of essential oils, which will only strengthen the antibacterial effect.
Reviews from the Internet say that a great anti-aging remedy can be obtained by mixing yellow clay with fresh cucumber puree and aloe juice.

Clay to nourish and remove fat content of skin
To give a strengthened nourishment to the depleted skin of the face, saturating it with a whole complex of valuable substances, it is necessary to combine yellow clay with several drops of liquid vitamin E, useful jojoba oil and a little oil of lavender, and mix everything. This composition should be richly lubricated on the face, and to be washed after the procedure. It is believed that clay in combination with lemon and bee production is able to restore the oily skin and bring the person to a normal state.
After deep cleansing of the skin, prepare the yellow clay by diluting it with mineral water, mixing with honey and fresh lemon juice. Mix everything until smooth and apply the mass to the face. After several procedures from the increased fat content there is no trace. Taking equal amounts of honey, clay, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, you can get a powerful degreaser for problem skin, which has hyper-active sebaceous glands. After the procedures, the skin looks clean.

Clay as an emollient against withering skin
To achieve a noticeable softening of the skin, chop the mint and mix the greens with raw egg yolk, then add clay and warm milk. Wash after the exposure to the mask. In the best case, dry zones should be moistened, a slight lift is made and a pronounced softening is performed. This recipe is relevant for withering skin.
Remember that natural masks with yellow clay, intended for the face, can be applied simultaneously and on the neck, which is also prone to premature aging under the influence of various aggressive factors from the outside.

Tips for using masks from clay
All masks based on yellow clay without exception act gently and effectively soften the skin. Applying them to the face, you can get rid of acne and various inflammations. They are used as a gentle peeling, after which the skin is good for nourishing, as well as moisturizing creams. The effect of home face masks from clay can be strengthened by adding essential oils to them. The basic recipe is this: add not more than five drops of oil that fits your skin type to three tablespoons of clay, mix thoroughly and pour water, bring the mixture to a plastic consistency.
The prepared mask is applied to the face with circular massage movements, easily without pressure. Be sure to ensure that the mixture during the action is not completely dried. After the procedure is over, the mask should be thoroughly rinsed off with water, soak the face with a soft napkin and lubricate the skin with a cream.


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