Today in any pharmacy you can buy a variety of natural remedies that will help restore and preserve health and beauty. Among them there is also essential oil of bergamot – its application is permissible both externally and inward. They obtain such a product from the skin of a citrus fruit called “bergamot”. The first thing that distinguishes it is a unique pleasant aroma. Thanks to him, the oil can be used for pleasure, dripping it into the aroma lamp. This event will also be useful, since the volatile ether will contribute to improving the mood, concentration and development of creative imagination. In addition, bergamot oil helps to maintain beauty and improve health.

Features of essential oil of bergamot
Useful properties
Bergamot oil contains active chemicals that have anti-inflammatory, soothing and antifungal effects on the body. It is used to treat inflammation of the throat and mouth, reduce temperature and eliminate intestinal infections. For cosmetic purposes, bergamot oil is used, most often to improve the condition of the skin of the face and body. Active substances eliminate acne eruptions, normalize fat balance and narrow pores. Therefore, essential oil of bergamot is used in creams, masks and compositions for massage.
Special instructions
Bergamot oil has a number of features. The first thing to be mentioned is its incompatibility with ultraviolet rays. What does it mean? If you apply a tool with bergamot oil on your skin, and then go out into the street in sunny weather, you will certainly get an unpleasant pigmentation that will persist for a long time. It is for this reason that manufacturers have stopped using such a useful component in their cosmetics. To protect yourself from such trouble, apply bergamot oil on your skin just before bedtime. In the morning, you can also secure yourself by using a sunblock. As for contraindications, bergamot oil can be called safe – it can be used in small amounts in the composition of other products inside, and for nail strengthening it is used even in pure form. However, treatment should be avoided in this way for everyone who has gastrointestinal disorders. Also, all the rest should be pre-tested for allergies.

Bergamot essential oil is used in home cosmetology and medicine as an anti-inflammatory, tonic, antipyretic and skin cleanser. It is added to various formulations and used as the main component.

Bergamot oil in cosmetology
As for the cosmetic properties of bergamot oil, they extend to the area of ​​skin care and hair. In cosmetology this valuable product is known for antiseptic and antifungal action. A few drops are enough for the hair to always have a luxurious, well-groomed appearance.
The composition of bergamot is rich in:

  • Limonen;
  • Linalyl acetate;
  • Linalool 

Skin care
As a means for moisturizing, eliminating irritations and normalizing the fat balance, you can use bergamot oil. To avoid allergies, you must dilute it in a ratio of 1:10. For this purpose, absolutely any base oil is suitable to enhance the effect and expand the range of action, you can take olive, almond or grape seed oil. They generally have a beneficial effect on the skin condition, and bergamot, among other things, will give them a pleasant scent. This oil should be used before bed, applying it on the skin with a thin layer. You can add bergamot oil and in any cream (but to avoid pigmentation it is better to take a night) – it will be enough 3 – 4 drops per 100 ml. By the same principle, the massage is enriched. Taking care of the nails, you can use this oil in its pure form. To do this, use a cotton swab. On it you need to drop a little bit of bergamot oil and evenly distribute the nail plate. After that, do not use nail polish for a day. Repeating this procedure just once a week, you will strengthen your nails, making them beautiful and healthy.
Hair Care
To make your hair look radiant and silky, you need to perform the simplest action. The beauty industry has long paid attention to the properties of natural components. Bergamot oil for hair care is used in shampoos, emulsions for the treatment of dandruff and strengthening of follicles. Aromatic scratching is a salvage procedure recommended to all owners of long hair. On a wooden comb, you need to drip the essential oil of bergamot and comb it with your hair. Try to process all the strands. Right after that you will be able to note positive changes. Repeat the procedure after each hair wash. The means has the following properties:
Stimulates hair growth;
Reduction of sebaceous gland secretion;
Eliminates any peeling, fungal diseases;
Makes hair strong, elastic.

Bergamot oil for health
Essential oil of bergamot will help against colds, and in particular, with inflammation of the throat. For treatment, you need to use a rinse – in half a glass of warm water, drip a couple drops of essential oils of bergamot and tea tree. Repeat rinsing 2 to 3 times a day. A universal remedy for colds, inflammations in the urinary canal and intestinal parasites can be prepared on the basis of honey and bergamot oil. But it should be borne in mind that it can not be used as an independent medicine. However, as additional therapy it works very effectively, greatly accelerating the process of recovery. Preparing such a tool is extremely simple – add 2 – 3 drops of oil in a tablespoon of honey and mix. Take 1 tsp. twice a day for 20 – 30 minutes before meals. In addition, the essential oil of bergamot, which is widely applied, can be used for its intended purpose. Inside each package you will find a list of indications with dosages and areas of its use. In particular, essential oil can take place in the aromatization of premises with the help of an aromatic lamp, when taking a bath, in a bath, and also for enriching cosmetic products.


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