Best Antifungal Means


A large number of people suffer from fungal diseases, the feet and еру nails are most often affected, and the treatment of nail fungus is the most difficult and time consuming process.
One of the most effective remedies for fungi on nails is an ointment that can be prepared at home: from a raw egg, a small spoonful of dimethyl phthalate, a large spoonful of vegetable oil and the same amount of seventy percent vinegar. This ointment should be stored in the refrigerator. Before going to bed, you need to spread the problem spots, put on cellophane bags and put on clean socks. If the problem  is with hands, then you need to do the same thing on your hands. If the nail fungus is sufficiently deep, then you should keep your feet in this hotbed for three to four days, then the fungus will disappear, and the sick nails will come down, and new healthy nails will come in their place.

Preparation. Dimethyl phthalate (Repudin) – a liquid with an indistinct, mild odor, has a neurotoxic and nephrotoxic effect.

Iodine. It dries and disinfects the fungus, but it can only help at very early stages of the disease. It is ineffective on chronic forms of the disease.

Ammonium alcohol. Use as follows: a tablespoon of alcohol is added to a glass of warm water. The composition is applied to tampons, which are put to the nail in the form of a compress.

Purity Herbal plant is used as a folk remedy. It is also used in the initial stages of the disease.

Apple cider vinegar. A weak concentrate of essences is used for compresses on nail plates. Softens the affected nail.

Tea mushroom. A piece of mushroom is applied to the nail, at night. 2-3 times a week. The treatment time is about 2 months. It depends on the severity of the fungal disease.

Garlic. It is also applied to the diseased nail plate, preferably at night. Propolis 20% tincture, used as a home compress.

Lemon. It is used as a compress. The lemon wool tampon is imposed on a fingernail and is kept for the night. The method must be used at least ten times. Effective in the early stages of nail diseases.

Indian onion. Daily lubrication of nails with onion juice. Onions cause burning and fight disease.

Baths of milkweed. The leaves and stems of the milkweed are used (100 grams). They are filled with boiling water (500 gr.). The solution is insisted. Hot water is added to the bath: one part of the solution to three parts of water. Steam feet 25 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week – 3 months.

Medical methods of treatment – (pills, capsules, solutions, ointments, creams, gels)

Modern means and methods against fungi in no way are inferior to their effectiveness with proven grandmother’s means. So, everything depends on the degree of neglection of your disease and medicine, the competence of your treating doctor of a dermatologist. Using modern medicines against mycosis, for example: Lamisil, Loceril, you can be sure that these drugs will actively affect the fungus. Medications of this spectrum of action stay for a long time directly on the nails, this allows for a long time to prevent the repeated appearance of fungus. Typically, these drugs should be taken about three to four months.

Lotseril – Disrupts the biosynthesis of fungal sterols. Form of release: solution.

Clotrimazole – broad spectrum antimicrobial therapy. Form of release: cream, solution, tablets.

Irunin – Suppresses the synthesis of the fungal membrane. Form of release: capsules, solution.

Batrafen – broad spectrum antimicrobial therapy. Product: cream, varnish.

Fluconazole – For the treatment of fungal diseases. Terminates the synthesis of the fungus in the cell. Produced in capsules.


This antifungal foot and body wash product stimulates the function of the immune system, providing antiviral and anti-inflammatory action. Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil is an excellent therapeutic agent for nervous exhaustion. The product speeds up the processes of skin regeneration, has a relaxing and antipyretic effect, repels insects, and also normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.


This is a medical cosmetic product that can take care of the comfort and health of your feet. This product effectively eliminates excessive sweating of feet, prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor and protects the skin from fungus. Balsam is recommended to be used on a daily basis to avoid increased sweating and odor, and after visiting public places (pool, sauna) to prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases. In addition, the cosmetic product has a refreshing and cooling effect, helps to relieve tension and fatigue from the feet, and also prevents the appearance of itching between the fingers. Balm restores the protective function of the skin, counteracting the occurrence of infections.


A high-quality product that will effectively cope with fungus and yet it does not hurt your health. A high-quality product made from active ingredients, vitamins C and E, will rid you of the fungus in 4 weeks and as effectively as possible. It not only treats, but also moisturizes your skin, nourishes it with minerals that will prevent the re-occurrence of the problem. It does not create a feeling of stickiness or fatness, makes the feet dry and smooth. The active components of the agent effectively cool and deodorize the skin of the legs.


Antifungal drug. The drug inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol in the fungal cell, which leads to its death. Designed for application to affected areas of nail plates and skin, it promotes an early recovery, providing a comfortable state and a healthy appearance. This drug, unlike many drugs, quickly and deeply penetrates into the layers of the epidermis, to effectively cope with harmful bacteria, as well as moisturize, nourish, soften and protect.


This cream is effective for preventing and eliminating manifestations of fungal diseases of foot skin: inflammation, itching, flaking, cracks. Suppress the development of fungi and the growth of bacteria that provoke an unpleasant odor, deodorizes and softens the skin, preventing its dryness. Synthesizes styrene in the cell structure of the fungus. The product is intended for daily foot hygiene, has a bactericidal, antiseptic and antifungal effect, refreshes and soothes the skin. The remedy is liked by active people who do not imagine their life without a pool or gym. The grooming of the feet is an obligatory attribute of a stylish person,



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