Best Balm for Eyelashes


BALM FOR EYELASHES nourishes and softens dry, damaged and cracked skin, strengthens the eyelashes – and the stem, and the hair bulb, enhances their growth, improves the appearance. In addition, they can fall out, thin out, break, tarnish and look lifeless for other reasons, regardless of their life cycle.
In order to return the eyelashes healthy and attractive appearance, as well as stimulate the growth of newly appeared cilia, beauticians recommend women to regularly take care of them with the help of various medications. This can equally be both “store” cosmetic products, as well as “home” tools created with your own hands.a
Modern manufacturers of cosmetics produce many tools that can prevent the fragility of eyelashes, make them shiny, strong and healthy. These include all kinds of medical mascara, gels, balms, cream and oils. All of them differ in their composition, mode of influence and, of course, price.


Apply balm on the eyelashes from the roots to the tips 2-3 times a week, using a cotton swab or a clean brush from a mascara. Before starting the procedure, be sure to remove from the eyelashes the remains of carcasses milk removal or gel cream for makeup removing. If the application of the balm directly to the eyelashes causes uncomfortable sensations, it is better to apply balm to the upper and lower eyelids 2-3 times a week, necessarily grabbing the roots of the eyelashes, but avoiding getting onto the mucous membrane.
Effective balm treatment of the entire eye contour zone: a very small amount of 1-3 drops for the entire procedure – with a brush or clean fingers to apply to the skin, especially on the area of ​​formation of “crow’s feet” Use of balm is the final care. Cream for eyebrow or gel contour are used before, not after balm, and necessarily at least with half-an-hour-interval between them. The experience of using balsam for the eyebrows area is also interesting: rubbing balm in the roots of the hair is effective for strengthening the hair follicle, and for stimulating the growth of the eyelash.
Most women actively use castor and burdock oils to strengthen eyelashes. If such oil is applied every evening to clean eyelashes, the result will appear in three to four weeks. Well, if the oil is mixed with vitamins A and E, it’s even better, if throughout the course of “curing” of eyelashes, their owner will not be able to use mascara. But this is due to various circumstances is not all possible, and mixing oils at home requires a certain skill. Therefore, it is preferable to turn to the help of professionals in the field of cosmetology.
Balms for the eyelashes are presented in a rather large variety in many respects due to additives and different proportions of oils, from which they are usually made. In general, they have surprisingly similar properties. In most cases, balsams are made with the help of the following oils, almond, burdock and castor oil. All oils have amazing hair growth stimulating properties. For example, almond oil awakens the root to growth, exactly like burdock, so if your eyelashes are rare and weak – choose balsams with the content of these oils.


Organic Castor Oil – 100% Pure Cold Pressed, Hexane free unique balm for eyelashes and eyebrows, is created on the basis of castor oil. As is known, castor oil is one of the most effective components for strengthening, restoring and stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It is this ingredient that is the basis of the balm formula. Regularly applying the cosmetic means Palma Christi Plant, you strengthen the cilia, make them stronger and healthier. Under the influence of balm wake up “sleeping” hair follicles, which makes the eyelashes thick and long, restoring the growth of eyebrows. A convenient set of applicators is offered to you for convenient and accurate application of the serum.


Natural oils of high quality are a valuable gift for natural beauty. Since ancient times, they have been used to conduct withered rituals, and in the modern world, oils can make up a worthy competition with expensive cosmetic products. If you want to give your hair maximum power and hydration, feel free to use castor oil. Castor oil containing a large number of nutrients, reaching the hair of the eyelashes and eyebrows, conveys all the useful properties of hair follicles, which, undoubtedly, has a favorable effect on them.


Getting to hair follicles, castor oil acts on sleeping bulbs, thereby awakening them to action. This mechanism helps to increase the apparent volume of eyebrows and eyelashes. Oil, enveloping every hair of eyelashes and eyebrows, gives them smoothness and a well-groomed look. In addition, it performs a protective function from the mechanical effect on the eyelashes. Remove all makeup from the face. After that, rinse with water the remnants of the liquid to remove the makeup. Apply castor oil on eyelashes using a brush or cotton buds.


Regenerating serum for eyelashes. With the help of this unique tool, it became possible to activate the ciliary renewal cycle. This is due to the presence in the serum of the such a complex, which stimulates the growth activity of the hairs. Day after day, the eyelashes are filled with strength and energy. They look more voluminous. Their length increases noticeably. New York Laboratories Eyelash Growth Serum comes in a convenient bottle with a special brush easy to apply. The means is consumed sparingly. Apply the serum once a day – preferably in the evening after cleaning the area around the eyes – on the upper outer eyelashes.


Since castor oil is fairly thick, in order to make it easier to apply, it is worthwhile to warm it up a bit, holding the container in your hands. To obtain a sustainable effect, castor oil should be used within a month. Then, after taking a break for two weeks, you can use oil as a preventative, for example, several times a week. Like any product, castor oil, can cause allergies. This is more an exception than a rule, but caution is necessary. Before using castor oil, a stress test should be carried out on this product. To do this, apply a few drops of oil on the skin area, and observe the reaction. If your skin takes castor oil, use it with pleasure and benefit.


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