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Few women would refuse to soak in the bathroom. The process is actually very pleasant, but, unfortunately, not always useful. For example, bath foam often makes bathing procedure harmful to the skin. But the wish to take a bath with foam from this does not become less. We offer you a more sparing, but no less pleasant tool – bomb-geysers. Sparkling bombs consist of soda, citric acid, sea salt and nutritious almond oil. In some species, powdered milk is added. If you want any other option, please specify in advance when ordering.

Bath Bomb Properties

Baking soda softens water, citric acid, reacting with soda, gives the effect of a bomb – bubbling bubbles of carbon dioxide, and useful additives, such as oils that nourish the skin, essential oils for aromatherapy, sea salt, milk powder, clay, etc.
Bombs (otherwise they are called geysers, balls) for a bath can be divided into two types: oil and oil-free. The composition of oil bombs includes a base oil that cares for the skin – after taking a bath with a bomb, the body is covered with a thin oil film and there is no need to apply caring cream for the body. The disadvantage of these bombs is the oil film not only on the skin, but also on the bathroom. To wash it off is not the most pleasant occupation, besides positive emotions from a useful procedure quickly disappear. Solve this problem by adding an emulsifier to the bomb, which helps dissolve the oil in the water, but the naturalness of the bomb is lost in this case.
Oil-free bombs contain the same components, except the base oil. They are used to achieve an aromatherapy effect and just for fun. In addition to the main components, bombs can include fragrances, dyes, clay, starch, oatmeal, rice flour, dried cream, chopped peel. These components in the water are completely insoluble and float over the surface or settle on the bottom of the bath. Dyes make the bomb bright, but they also paint the water and can stain the bath (the skin is not dyed). Flavors and fragrances are best not to use, essential oils will bring much more benefit, especially if they are specially selected for specific purposes. But sometimes essential oils can be contraindicated for one reason or another (allergy, pregnancy). By the way, bombs are not recommended for children under 3 years.

Bombs for a bath with foam differ in the fact that in addition to the main components surface-active substances that form this foam are also included in the composition. These surfactants are used in the manufacturing of soap and foam for bath. Long contact (more than 20 minutes) with a solution of such a bomb is highly discouraged. After taking a bath with a bomb with foam, you need to wash yourself to wash off the remnants of surfactants.

How to take a bath with bombs:

Obtain water into the bath. Hair should be wrapped in a towel so that they do not get into the water and do not become soaked. Lower the bomb into the water and enjoy the procedure for about 20 minutes. On average, the bomb explodes for a minute and a half, filling the bathroom with fragrance, and water with useful ingredients. For a standard bath it is enough to have one large bomb or two small ones that can be thrown in turn.


Taking a bath will be even more enjoyable with a bomb from the American brand. It will charge you with positive emotions, transforming the usual hygienic procedure into a small holiday and beauty ritual. The composition of the bomb includes Organic Shea and Cocoa which soften water, and also possess nutritional properties and intensively moisturize the skin. The bomb does not contain harmful components and is a high-quality environmentally friendly cosmetic product. Adorable flavors will lift your spirits for the whole day, giving a burst of strength and energy. The result of taking a bath is perfectly smooth, soft and fresh skin, wrapped in a delicate scent.


Pamper yourself with such a pleasant and useful beauty ritual that excellently relaxes, relieves stress and gives a lot of positive emotions. A high-quality environmentally friendly bomb is made up of natural ingredients: Shea butter, Essential oils and Clays, vitamin A, which soften the water and delicately cleanse the skin, have nourishing properties and deeply moisturize the skin. Juicy 8 aromas of a bomb will rise your spirits, and the result of taking a bath with a bomb is impressive – perfectly smooth, silky and elastic skin, shining with health and beauty.


Sparkling bath balls turn water procedures into a fun and relaxing process, helping to relieve nervous tension and accumulated fatigue. Choosing the right product, we recommend you try the balls from the American company LifeAround2Angels, they are enriched with natural ingredients, which are sure to please your skin. The bath balls have absorbed energy and nutrients of olive oil and wonderful fruits. The presented product envelops the body with pleasant bubbles with a vitamin complex in each of them. The product helps to relax and saturate every cell of your body with useful minerals, moisturizing and transforming the skin at the end of water procedures. Active components of the product restore microcirculation and stimulate accelerated renewal processes in cells.


Sparkling balls for a bath are for lovers of exotic, captivating scents. Its smells delight and excite emotions, forcing to forget about all labor concerns and to plunge into the atmosphere of exquisite relaxation. The product is enriched with useful minerals that deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, taking care of its health at the cellular level. Thanks to active ingredients flower buds, flower pedals, glitter and sea salt, the product softens the skin and soothes inflammation, giving a feeling of surprising comfort and enjoyment. Take part in a pleasant SPA procedure with bubbling balls for a bath.


The bubbly Hugo Naturals Fizzy Bath Bomb, Lavender and Vanilla contain special ingredients that deeply nourish and moisturize the skin while you are enjoying a bubbling bath. Its excellent properties are visible on the skin right after the end of water procedures, which encourages each customer to purchase this product repeatedly. And the amazing, alluring aroma of this remedy awakens the brightest emotions in a person, charging a positive mood for the whole day. Home SPA-procedures are no worse than salon ones, if you use high-quality products for relaxation. A sparkling ball for a bath will change your idea of ​​water procedures, adding a big charge of positive emotions.



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