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Before deciding to buy BB-cream, think about how you will use it. In fact, BB-cream is a toned moisturizer that can not cope with serious skin imperfections and guarantee a truly dense coating. If your skin needs a more intense tone, give preference to a classical foundation, and BB-cream can be used instead of a base that will provide the skin with easy care. So you pass the “moisturizer-primer-concealer” stage and you can go straight to applying the usual foundation.

BB-cream should be applied from the center to the periphery with fingers, sponge or brush. And take into account several rules:

  • If you apply BB-cream with a brush, the result will last longer. In addition, the brush is convenient for the zones under the eyes and around the nose.
  • Choose a sponge if you have oily skin: applying your fingers can add even more greasy shine to your skin, and it is difficult to apply the means evenly to the oily skin the brush.
  • When applied with fingers, the cream is preheated, so that it is evenly distributed and absorbed faster. By the way, most of the girls put a BB-cream on their fingers.
  • If you apply the product with your fingers, type a small amount of BB cream (pea-sized drops are enough) and place five points on the face: center of forehead, nose, left and right cheeks, chin. Blend the means until it completely merges with the skin.
  • Begin to blend the means from the forehead and to each cheek. After that, move to the nose and chin, and then once again walk on the cheeks with light patting movements. If necessary, apply a little on small pimples.
  • BB-cream should be applied to cleansed skin. If you have very dry skin that needs additional moisturizing, distribute the usual moisturizer over your face and wait until it is completely absorbed, so that the BB-cream subsequently lasts as long as possible. It is more convenient to remove the BB-cream with hydrophilic oil, but if you have oily skin, it is better to use micellar water.
  • You can apply BB-cream exactly the same way as a normal tonal means.



Which BB cream is better? The answer to the question will depend on which parameters are decisive for you. We chose the top 10 BB-creams for all occasions.

1 Dream Fresh and Dream Pure, Maybelline

The American brand produces two versions of BB-cream, and both have long become bestsellers. The funds are classified as “eight in one”, that is, they solve at once eight skin problems. Dream Fresh is a version for dry or normal skin, which guarantees a healthy radiance, and Dream Pure solves the main problems of oily skin. In the composition of this product there is salicylic acid: the component narrows the pores, reduces redness and provides a matting effect.

2 “Luxury food”, L’Oréal Paris

BB-cream “Luxury food” levels the skin tone and actively cares for it, as it is prescribed to a model BB-cream. “Track record” is certainly impressive: shea butter nourishes the skin, the SPF20 filter protects against UV rays, vitamin C increases the production of collagen. It is vailable in a single, universal for all shades tone.

3 Premium UV BB Cream, Helena Rubinstein

One of the best options for aging skin: fighting the signs of aging in this tool in the first place. In the composition – extracts of mint, plum and jasmine, which prevent oxidation, as well as a natural component of raffermin, which increases the elasticity of the skin, and a special complex that helps to retain moisture in the skin. Please note that the cream is not recommended for use in the area around the eyes.

4 “The Secret of Excellence” and “Pure Skin Active”, Garnier

The brand Garnier was one of the first to introduce BB-cream to Russian girls, for today they have the most complete collection of BB. In the lineup – versions for normal, oily, mixed, problem and age skin, as well as a unique BB-roller for the zone around the eyes. Each product is presented in two to three shades. What cream is needed for you, it’s very easy to find out: there is a special test on the brand’s website that will help you decide.

5 Hydra Zen, Lancôme

The product has a gentle translucent texture, which lies flat and does not cause irritation. It will not hide serious flaws (for this BB-cream is not intended), but will provide the skin with a healthy, radiant look and perfect tone. In addition, the product has a sunscreen factor SPF15 and prevents photoaging of the skin.

6 Top Secrets, YSL

The product perfectly corrects the skin tone, moisturizes and nourishes it, providing a healthy complexion. And also – beautifies the cosmetic bag: more recently this BB-cream is produced in a compact black package with spectacular gold details.

7 Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream, Kiehl’s

The remedy has several rare advantages. Firstly, it is presented in five colors at once – and this is an absolute record. Secondly, it contains the highest degree of sun protection SPF50. Thirdly, it does not contain parabens, silicones, mineral oils and perfumes – but it contains vitamin C. And, finally, it is suitable for sensitive skin and guarantees a change in the skin condition for the better after 4 weeks of regular use.

8 Hydreane BB, La Roche-Posay

Another worthy option for sensitive skin. This moisturizing cream care with a delicate, low-fat texture contains mineral micropigments that guarantee the skin a natural and healthy glow, and also moisturizes, soothes and protects sensitive skin.

9 BB-cream, NYX Professional Makeup

Ideal for women with oily skin: there are no oils in this product. Such useful ingredients as extracts of ginseng, linden bark, horse chestnut, yeast, as well as wheat proteins are present in the means. The texture of the product lies on the skin with a light layer, which at the same time not bad mask imperfections without the effect of a mask.

10 Idéalia, Vichy

This cream, in addition to the basic set, solves a number of specific problems: it is intended for skin with a gray or uneven tone. The composition contains mineral pigments, thermal water and the active ingredient of the comb, which fights against the dullness of the skin, giving it a natural radiance. You can choose one of two shades.


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