Best Biogel to Strengthen Nails


Biogel as a technology for strengthening and nail extension was invented in the late 80s of the last century. By the time such kinds of artificial coatings, like regular gel and acrylic managed to find many admirers all over the world. However, biogel for nails made a real breakthrough, instantly gaining the perfection of supporters of well-groomed and beautiful nails and fingers. And all this is due to the fact that it is considered the safest material for nail care from the existing ones. In the coming years it is biogel that will be the most preferred technology for beauty salons clients, as it is able not only to increase artificial nails, but also to strengthen, revitalize natural ones and even stimulate their growth.
With the help of biogel, such care is possible for nails, when own nails look like built-up ones, and all this is achieved without the use of any aggressive technology in modeling nails.

What is a biogel for nails?

Biogel is a soft, plastic material intended for strengthening or artificial nail extensions. The main components in its composition are resin of yew South African wood, proteins, calcium, as well as vitamins E and A.

Biogel for nails differs significantly from other technologies used today for manicure, primarily because it contains a significant amount of protein (about 60%), due to which the nail plate actively feeds; and, of course, the content of resin as the main component.  After all, it forms an elastic and transparent, but at the same time very strong coating, which does not cause cracks. Therefore, lovers of super-long nails do not need to think anymore about the fact that nails can break.

Biogel can be used not only for decorative extension. Biogel coating is quite suitable for simple manicure too as an excellent strengthening agent. And the care after nails will not be remembered for three weeks. Meanwhile, the biogel for nails does not contain toxic substances, and under its influence the okolonogel region breathes, which does not happen with other types of build-up.

Types of Biogel

There are several types of biogel:
Transparent biogel (Bio Sculpture gel). It can be used as a base coat, it should be noted that the shine of such a substrate is not distinguished by brightness, so it is customary to apply a base layer on top of it. The main advantage of this type of remedy is that it dries in 2 minutes, heals microcracks and helps strengthen the plate.

Royal Sealer biogel – this agent for nails is designed to give shine to the finished manicure, it can be both colored and transparent, which fixes a classic French coating. This unique tool will help to whiten nails at home, the natural color of the means is bluish, which almost completely neutralizes yellow and gray nail shades.

S-coating is a hard biogel, which is extruded with elongation. This composition is not used as an additional substance, does not need fixing, it is of a completely independent composition. It strengthens the nails not at the expense of useful substances, but thanks to its solid foundation.

UV biogel – this tool is used and is recommended mainly to strengthen the plates in summer, sun rays also negatively affect the nails, under direct light they become thinner and spoiled. For the procedure, The procedure takes 40 seconds, this varnish is applied from above to the main coating, helps to lighten the nail, protect the cuticle from dryness and cracks. Colored biogel is used more often than transparent, the latter is appropriate only in combination with any color, while the color biogel is completely independent. We recommend buying a set, then you will have a choice. It is necessary to apply colored compounds in two layers, they dry longer, but they are more practical, better influence the structure of the plate and do not crack.


Biogel is a soft elastic mixture of calcium, proteins and natural wood tar. The procedure of strengthening gives remarkable results, so strengthening the nails with this means is of an exceptionally positive nature: a thin layer of biogel applied to the nails allows them to look natural and healthy. In addition, the nails can be given an original design, applying a unique pattern, or a classic look. Biogel provides the nail plate with “breathing” and stimulates the growth of new strong nails. As a result, nails stop layering. Calcium in its turn helps to strengthen nails, makes them strong and resistant to negative external factors and mechanical influences. Such nails are not afraid of housework or awkward movements.


Biogel is used to improve, strengthen and protect natural nails. The main component is enriched with vitamins A and E. There are no acrylates in the agent. Do not require the use of acid primers, which favorably affects the human nail plate – virtually eliminating the material from the nail bed, nails are flexible enough and elastic as silicone, they are also called “silicone” nails. This gel has a pleasant fruity aroma, a pleasant smell and has a medium viscosity. It is self-leveling. This biogel used to strengthen the natural nail plate possesses all-in-one gel system.


Bio Seaweed Soak Off LED Gel Polish. The composition of biogel includes sea algae – this is the main supplier of natural organic iodine to our body. No Sanding Base, thanks to this biogel not only aligns and protects the nail plate, as conventional gels do, but also nourishes it, providing a healthy appearance and active growth to the nails. In addition, the bio composition gives nails “ability to breathe”, as a result of which you will completely get rid of such unpleasant consequences as yellowness, deformation and foliation. Biogel can be used immediately after the gel (or acrylic) coating, there are no contraindications to its use, since it does not cause irritation.


Due to the special property of biogel to prevent the occurrence of cracks and of wear on the tips of the nails, a natural, good-impact coating is created that smooths the surface and gives the nails a natural appearance. The composition of the product should not contain hard gel, since such a component depletes the structure of the nail, which in no way contributes to its strengthening. A set of gels contains a palette of  8 colors, Gel Lamp. For each biogel, its own brand solvent must be used, with which it can be removed.


Bio seaweed gel, produced in USA. No-wipe, topcoat and stronger base coat. A very flexible biogel, which is used both for nail strengthening and for nail extensions, thanks to the elasticity and flexibility of the biogel nails do not break. This gel is not thick, has the smell of seaweed, which are included in its composition. And also, proteins and vitamins are present in the composition. It is absolutely harmless and is very suitable for repairing cracks in natural nails. Bio seaweed gel does not require a primer.



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