Best Blush for Cheeks (Best Cheek Colors)


It is difficult to overestimate the role of blush in creating an ideal make-up. They can refresh a tired face, give relief to features, emphasize youth and freshness, or, on the contrary, add some languor to the image. But a badly applied blush turns into circles and stripes, spoiling all makeup. To avoid such errors, you need to know a few simple rules. There is a universal rule: Pink and warm colors are painted by the blush itself, most naturally it looks on cheek apples. Brown colors are given to sculpture facial features, here operates the principle: where there is already a shadow, you need to shade even more.
Today, there is a considerable choice of blush on sale, but they are still divided into two main types: dry and liquid (creamy).
Dry blush can be:

When using dry blush, remember the main rule: they are applied only on top of the powder! Otherwise, the dry pigment will unevenly adhere to the skin covered with cream (base) and will look unnatural and sloppy. Each type of dry blush has advantages: Powder blush is applied by a very thin layer, look natural, and even a beginner can easily adjust the intensity of the color. Compact rouge is usually finer “grind,” and when used correctly, they also look natural, but they will necessarily require a special brush of good quality. Ball-point blushers will look great with any color of the face.

How to apply a ball blush correctly

Ball blush can be applied both with a sponge, and a brush, their advantage is in the versatility of color. It is better to use ball blushers for those who are afraid to make a mistake in choosing colors: on any skin tone they look natural.

How to apply liquid rouge

Actually liquid (consistency of water) blush is more often used by professional make-up artists, since they require skill. It must be remembered that the liquid blush is first rubbed on the palm of your hand, and then applied to the face with your fingertips. The skin should be covered only with foundation for tonal cream (or BB cream), the tone is applied after the blush.

Cream and stick blushes are a very grateful makeup tool. They can be used even after you have completely made up (but not powdered, remember). If at a glance in the mirror, it seems to you that the person could have played more brightly, take a blush with the consistency of cream and begin to apply in very small doses. All liquid, cream and so-called fondant blush are applied only to the skin, not covered with powder. Otherwise, there will be a reverse effect: the pigment based on the cream will slop on the powdered skin in an inaccurate manner. If you made a mistake (unevenly applied, overdid with color) – wipe off the blush with a damp napkin and apply again. After completing the work, powder the cream blush with a transparent powder – the make-up is ready!


The innovative formula of blush contains special tiny particles, light reflecting filters and protective components that will make the blush fresh, bright and natural. Your skin will shine with freshness and youth. Blush NARS Blush have a light, subtle texture, which gently lie on the skin. The product perfectly blends, leaving no streaks and stains. NARS Blush creates the effect of natural blush for the whole day. Strongly hold, do not lubricate or roll. The unique formula of blush preserves the shine and radiance of the skin throughout the day, maintaining the fresh, well-groomed and beautiful appearance of its owner. This blush is a perfect assistant in creating a natural blush!


Cosmetics from the American company NYX is a delight for those who understand quality makeup. Buy the magnificent NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush. A variety of shades will allow each girl to choose colors to taste. Blush has a reflective property, so give a soft glow to the face, emphasizing the natural charm. A gentle texture is easily applied and quickly distributed, merging with the tone of the face. The product can be used not only on the cheeks, but also on the eyes and lips.


This is a luxurious radiant blush, responsible for flawless makeup. With their help, you can quickly and easily correct the oval of face and visually refresh the skin, giving perfection to any make-up. Milani Baked Blush are ideally applied and literally merge with the skin, leaving no sharp color transitions. Milani Baked Blushes are made using a special “baking” technology in an Italian oven. Due to this, all the properties of moisturizing components present in the composition are retained to the maximum, and the hues get a special saturation. Combining the advantages of compact and powder blush, the present agent can be applied both in a dry and moist manner. Due to the finest texture, it is easy to use, perfectly lays on the skin, quickly shading and is characterized by high resistance. For a long time, cosmetics do not wear off or roll, allowing the skin to glow with a gentle blush.


Blush in a compact stick is a find for lovers of light and natural makeup. Comfortable and pleasant to use, highly pigmented and resistant, they instantly give a unique charm ещ the cheeks, providing a seductive blush. Glaze Glisten Blush Stick is easy to apply, evenly lying on the surface of the skin and perfectly shading, leaving no greasy or sticky residue. Just a few touches and quick feathering with the tips of your fingers – and a perfect blush, like after a walk in the fresh air. The cosmetic formula is characterized by the content of hydrogenated coconut oil and kaolin, whereby the agent has cleansing and nutritional properties. Active components absorb contaminants along with surpluses of sebum, in exchange, saturating cells with essential vitamins and minerals, activating metabolic processes and renewal in them.


Unique, gentle and soft True Match Super-Blendable Blush of the famous cosmetic brand L’Oreal Paris will strike the hearts of young girls who adore a fresh, bright blush on their cheeks! The innovative blush formula contains specially colored pigments and moisturizing ingredients that will create a unique, natural blush, highlighting the freshness and whiteness of your skin. The formula of rouge gently cares for the skin, making it luminous and strong. Blush surprisingly emphasizeы the oval face, highlighting the cheekbones and playful eyes of beautiful eyes. Transparent and light, almost invisible, melting texture of blush also has an excellent moisturizing effect. The product doesn’t tighten and doesn’t overdry the skin, making it glowing and young.


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