Best Body Lotion for Women: Useful Properties and Features


Our body skin needs protection. We carefully look after the face and hands, but often forget about the rest of the epidermis. That is why lotion for the body is an important component of cosmetic care. It helps maintain the skin in perfect condition, keeping it soft, velvety and attractive. It is very important that the lotion protects the epidermis from the loss of precious moisture, maintaining an optimal balance. From this article you will learn about the way of using this product and its positive properties, and also learn how to choose a body lotion of natural compounds from the available variety in the market.

What is Body Lotion?

This product is a moisturizing or nutritional product with a light texture that is quickly digested by the skin. Depending on the purpose, different compositions can be used. Some of them moisturize dry epidermis, others remove excessive fat content. After the use of lotions, the state of the skin of the body improves noticeably: foci of inflammation disappear, pores are cleared, and the surface becomes smooth and even.
The use of a gentle means in summer is especially actual, when under the influence of the sun the skin becomes dehydrated, becomes thin and weak. It is better to use products with the addition of natural oils. Moisturizing products are produced in different forms, but the most common is a body spray, which has gained popularity due to the extraordinary ease of application.

Types of Lotions

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics produce a huge range of products for a variety of purposes. So you can easily pick up a tool that is right for you. Let’s look at all the diversity.

Moisturizing body spray is very popular, as it is suitable for any skin type. It will be useful both for dryness of the epidermis and for its oil content. The moisturizing lotion usually includes glycerin, vitamins A, B, E, extracts of useful plants (for example, aloe) and liposomes. The mechanism of action is as follows: the molecules of the agent absorb water from the air and keep it in the epidermis. If the body spray contains hyaluronic acid, then you can be absolutely be sure that your skin is under reliable protection, since this connection is recognized by beauticians as the best moisturizing element. The way of using such a lotion is simple: spray it on the body and leave until it’s completely absorbed. This product is recommended for use in summer.

Nourishing body spray is an indispensable means of caring for dry skin, which needs support and care. This lotion contains valuable oils: shea, jojoba, almond and many others. Most often this product is used in winter.

A body spray with a tanning effect will allow you to maintain a beautiful skin tone throughout the year, and not just in summer. It usually includes carotene. This element is completely safe for the skin of the body. But it is not necessary to get involved with such means, since they do not carry any special nutritional properties. Carefully read the application of spray-tanning spray before spraying them. You can detect contraindications and fineness of the application.

Let’s refer a body spray, which has special effects to the latter category: a lotion with light-reflecting particles, with a tightening effect and other properties.


Pamper your skin with tenderness and care. Ives Nourish & Soothe Body Lotion is a combination of medicinal properties and gentle care for coarse and dry skin. The product contains Shea Butter, which provides the skin with deep nutrition, moisturizing and velvety. The lotion has a special composition from the selected components of Oatmeal, Soybean and Plant Based Glycerin, due to which it excellently protects the epidermis from the negative effects of the environment, helps restore the flaking skin. In addition, the product perfectly removes inflammation, eliminates the feeling of tightness and prevents the skin from drying out.


Silky and elastic, gentle, soft and supple, such will be your skin after using Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. The lotion will solve the problem of drying and roughness of the skin, protect from the appearance of wrinkles and make it tight. Applying the product on the skin, you will feel how it is enveloped by light freshness. This acts as a moisturizing effect of the lotion. The product will impregnate each cell with moisture, protecting against dryness and roughness. Extracts in the lotion will give your skin softness and an abundance of nutrients, protect the body from age-related changes and irritations.


Vegetable body lotion from the company HEMPZ – HERBAL MOISTURIZER will serve any age women with any type of skin. Exclusively nutritional and moisturizing substances, extracted from the seeds of hemp saturate the skin with useful fatty acids and amino acids. Other natural extracts of the smoother (shea butter and root extract of ginseng) help the skin to conduct temperature regulation, and also soothe and soften it. Vitamins A, C and E resist the negative effects of the external environment, reduce fine wrinkles. HEMPZ HERBAL MOISTURIZER is based on the purest plant components and retains the hydration of the skin for 12 hours. It’s good for use at any time of the day, is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin.


Alba Botanica Very Emollient, Original Body Lotion has a very light, melting consistency, thanks to which the absorption of the product occurs in a matter of seconds. After that, there’s no greasy film on the skin. The product is ideal for the summer season. The lotion instantly saturates the starved-for-care skin with life-giving moisture, beneficial microelements and a full spectrum of vitamins. It will provide the skin with an unprecedented elasticity. The skin will delight you with a natural radiance and blooming appearance. Lotion provides excellent protection against aging caused by free radicals. Its composition is provided by aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extracts, which give excellent nutrition and excellent hydration.


In order to prevent the appearance of premature signs of aging, Nivea has developed “Essentially Enriched Body Lotion”. Its main active components are Natural Sea Minerals and Almond Oil. With their help, the fat burning process is significantly accelerated, the fat tissue is saturated with oxygen and nutrients. The lotion has a gentle consistency with a pleasant aroma. It has been dermatologically tested, therefore it is absolutely safe even for those with particularly sensitive skin.


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