Masters at the world famous shows, as if inspired by the Suprematist period of Kazimir Malevich, made a bet on geometric lines and pure colors. This trend was immediately picked up by stellar make-up artists, and the traditional shooters and smoky eyes on the red carpet gave way to a bold eye make-up made in a monolithic bright shade with almost no feathering.  Mono shades are easy to use and will always fit in even the smallest handbag. We have found for you some options, without which you just can not do!

How to correctly apply shadows
Many will say that the process of applying shadows is nothing complicated. It’s enough to hold the brush on the eyelid, and voila – makeup is ready. However, experimenting with different colors and textures, we make the same mistakes from time to time. And we do not even suspect that they are the cause of our dissatisfaction with our own view. To get the treasured limited palette you dreamed about, or that perfect hue of shadows, is only half the battle. This simple, at first glance, simple beauty product is important to be used correctly. But if you follow some rules, mistakes can be avoided. We will tell you how to use eye shadow so that the shadow does not fall on your beauty.

To get started, try to objectively assess the shape and structure of the eyes. It is easiest to do this by mentally placing another eye between your eyes, no matter how funny it sounds. If it does not fit visually, then the eyes are close set. In this case, you should not put dark shades on the inner corners, as this will bring your eyes closer to each other. If the distance between the eyes is longer than the imaginary “third eye”, then they are set wide apart, and darker shades will help balance this feature. Also, be careful when working with external corners: if they are located below a straight line, mentally drawn from the inner corner of the eye, then the contour drawn outside the outer corner will give a sad expression to the face.

Top manufacturers of mono shadows
Shadows of MAC Cosmetics contain rich pigments and keep well on the eyelid. The talc-free cream formula creates a hybrid texture with a multi-faceted mother-of-pearl coating, giving the look shine.
The flickering CLARINS shadows with a powder effect allow you to create a rich color, simulating its intensity. They are suitable for day and evening makeup. Thanks to the reflective particles your eyes will shine in the sun. Bamboo tree powder provides durability up to 10−12 hours even without the use of an additional base for makeup. Castor oil softens the skin of the eyelids, allowing the shadows not to roll and not crumble.
Divage tricolor baked shades reveal a rich palette when applied, emphasizing the expressiveness of the look. Soft micropowder, which is  present in the composition of the shadows, increases durability, which allows makeup to be maintained throughout the day, without falling off. Shadows can be applied as a dry applicator to create a gentle shine, and wet method to give the makeup a bright metallic luster. High concentration of color pigments helps the color to remain saturated even after 8 hours.

Dual-effect trendy eyeshadow from the Italian brand COLLISTAR emphasizes the look and protects the delicate skin around the eyes from the negative influence of various factors. The ingredients in their composition gently nourish and moisturize sensitive areas, preventing their premature aging. A wide range of shades makes it possible to choose the color for the type of appearance and clothing.
Pigment from Lasplash Cosmetics is presented in 30 shades and three textures: matte, sparkling shimmer and radiant metallic. They can be used as lip gloss.
The waterproof creamy shades of Givenchy’s most fashionable blackberry hue this season will give your look a magical glow. Shadows are easy to apply with fingertips. If you want to make the makeup more intense, apply a texture several times.
L’Oréal Paris has dry shades Color Riche is a versatile option for those who don’t work with cream textures in eye makeup. The texture allows you to apply the tool as by a brush and with fingertips; You can also easily adjust the intensity of the coating, creating makeup that matches the occasion. In addition, L’Oréal Paris offers Infaillible Eye Paint liquid mono shades, which are more suitable for “advanced users”: they have a gel texture that is light and at the same time rich in color. It is easy to shade it – even with your hands! In addition, this tool can draw wide sweeping arrows. The formula of the shadows resistant – the color you choose will last for centuries up to 12 hours.
In addition to the usual mono shades, Urban decay has a Moondust line. This is indeed “star dust” in the case: the shadows create a dazzling shimmering coating on the eyelids, which looks, however, not “cheap”, but elegant and noble. They transform makeup by creating a 3D effect. By the way, they can be used both independently and in addition to other shades – to create highlights and other shining accents.
A distinctive feature of the Mono shades Color Tattoo 24H from Maybelline New York  is their cream-gel texture, saturated with ultra-bright tattoo pigments. Thanks to them, the makeup turns out to be such that it is impossible not to pay attention to it – this is an undoubted emphasis on color, even if the shade is chosen soft, muffled. In addition, the texture determines the stability of the make-up – it must hold for up to 24 hours.
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté mono has cream shadows in a format – and with different unusual textures. So, Full Metal Shadow allow you to create a coating with a trendy metallic effect. Its combination with a bright shade is best seen, perhaps, “in its purest form.” The fact that the shadows do not feel on the skin (the formula is 40% water and therefore very light) will please you, but at the same time they hold well without rolling and not gathering in the fold. But Full Matte Shadow allow you to “transfer” that matte finish onto the eyelids, which is so loved by many on the lips.



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