To give expressiveness to the eyes, women use podvodki. There are many varieties of this cosmetic. However not so long ago there was one more kind – gel podvodka. The name speaks for itself. This liner is a gel paste-like consistency. From its density, it depends directly on what the arrows will be. In other words, clear, dense and stable lines give only a dense gel.
Recently, gel eyeliner has become a sales hit. Such popularity is explained by the ease of application and durability. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly create an ideal make-up that does not need to be corrected during the day. We hope that our review of the tools will help make you the right choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of gel eyeliners
Each cosmetic product has its advantages and disadvantages. Gel eyeliner also is not an exception.
The benefits of using this cosmetic product include:
The gel eyeliner is so easy to use that the arrows turn out to be beautiful, even if you draw them for the first time in your life. It is not difficult to change the width and length of the arrow. This is achieved by shading. Note that this is the only eyeliner with this characteristic.
The eyeliner is stable. It quickly freezes and does not disperse in the eyes even in wet weather or if you accidentally hurt your eyelids. Apply it in the morning and see that in the evening makeup will be as if you just made it. The means has a bright saturated color, which does not fade during the day. It falls well on the shade of any consistency and any brand. At the same time, it can even be shaded. Just do it until it is frozen.
Long shelf life.
Does not irritate the skin. After eyeliner you will not have the sensation of a foreign body on the eyelids.
The means serves for a long time.
Among the drawbacks of using gel eyeliners can be identified:
quickly dries, so for its application you need a special brush. Most often they are included in the kit, but there are brands without them. Since the gel eyeliner is very stable, it is difficult to be washed off. This means that you need a special remedy to take off your makeup.

Tips for using
To create a beautiful makeup, you need to follow a few simple rules:
Choose the right brush for applying liner. It should have a synthetic pile of medium length, and it must have good elasticity. A soft brush is not suitable for gel eyeliner, as it will not capture it. If you use shadows in makeup, you first need to apply them and only then turn the arrows. Bring your eyes in the usual movements, as you used to do. No special skills are required. After use, the brush should be washed off the gel residue. Otherwise it will wither and become unusable.  The jar with gel should be tightly closed, otherwise it can dry out, and then crack. If this happens, then add a drop of vegetable oil to it and stir. Just do not abuse this way, otherwise, the feeder will lose its properties and become unusable.

Gel eyeliner brands
Gel eyeliner is available in many companies. However, not all of them correspond to all the characteristics that we listed above. In order that you acquire a good tool, we will review some of the brands.

Such gel eyeliner corresponds to the name only in words. It has a too dry texture, so it is very difficult to type with a brush and apply it to your eyes. It crumples, and after 10 minutes the arrows spread out, and after a few minutes you can forget that they were in general. However, even this liner has its plus – a large volume – 12 ml, but do you need it if the quality leaves much to be desired?

This cosmetic product has a creamy consistency, therefore it is easily taken up by a brush and well put on eyelids. Only need to act quickly. If you hesitate, meaning if you act slowly the lines will get cold and makeup will not work. It lasts all day. The jar is tight, so the gel does not dry out. The only drawback of this eyeliner is that it is poorly washed away.

This liner is similar in its characteristics to the previous one. The only difference is that it does not harden for a long time before your eyes, so makeup turns out better. It is also very difficult to be washed off. If you do this with plain water, the eyeliner will slide into lumps, which are difficult to tear off from the eyelashes.

This is a creamy eyeliner that quickly hardens on the brush. If this is allowed, then all your efforts to create makeup will be even. That’s why you need to draw arrows very quickly. This makeup lasts until evening and is easily washed off.

Bobbi Brown
This is also a creamy eyeliner. It is easily picked up by brush and applied to the eyelids. The make-up lasts all day. This line is washed easily. The undoubted advantage of the cosmetics of this company is its rich color spectrum, which can not be said about all the analogs described above. Manufacturers offer a choice of 12 colors, which means that you can easily find the right option for yourself.

In the professional Makeup collection, gel eyeliners are presented in the Gel Eyeliner & Smudger line. A variety of shades allow you to find the perfect liner for your color – brown, coal-black and white and bright colors will be a good option for a romantic or club image. A perfect highly pigmented formula makes it easy not only to draw arrows, but also to feather. Use this tool easily – you need to collect a small amount of gel on the tip of the brush with a thin applicator and draw a line along the edge of the upper eyelid. It will be easier for beginners to draw an arrow with short strokes, increasing the thickness towards the outer corner. The “tail” of the arrow should always be pointed upwards – towards the temples.


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