How to Choose Best Bar Soap


Advertising often imposes a choice on the consumer, forcing him to be guided by subjective criteria, rather than by clear and understandable information. Is it possible to say unambiguously which of the many soap brands is better only because one brand has a beautiful commercial? To understand the strengths and weaknesses of solid soap experts advice will help you.
How to find the best soap that gently cleanses the skin without causing dryness and irritation? In order to answer this question, read this article about solid soap and follow the advice.

Soap selection criteria

Whether to be guided at a choice of soap on its price? The frequency of its appearance in advertising? No! To help you choose a really suitable soap, a two-step instruction has been developed:

  1. You need to recognize the type of your skin:
  • Oily skin glistens and is prone to rash. It requires regular cleaning, and soap should be soft, as frequent washing can lead to irritation and dryness. To cleanse oily skin, it is sometimes recommended to use soap with a scrub effect.
  • Dry skin type implies inadequate sebum secretion. Such skin is prone to irritant reactions, it is recommended to wash it less often. Combined use of creams and soaps with the ability to moisturize will mitigate the effect on the skin and reduce the likelihood of irritation. It is also recommended to avoid using a strongly alkaline soap, for example, household soap.
  • Sensitive skin should be specially treated with hypoallergenic soaps that do not contain dyes, fragrances and preservatives. For this type, it is recommended to use soap with a neutral pH, flavored with creams and moisturizers. Antibacterial soaps for this type of skin are contraindicated.
  1. Starting the product selection

The following are the main criteria that should be oriented by when choosing:

  • Smell. Remember that soap, produced from vegetable or animal fats, can rancid. Sometimes to mask poor-quality raw materials manufacturers add a large amount of perfume and fragrances into soap, so too intense smell should alert you. Especially if it has a chemical shade.
  • Appearance. Although the washing ability does not depend on the appearance of the soap, the comfortable shape, pleasant color, the absence of foreign inclusions and cracks are important indicators of its quality.
  • Packaging of soap should contain all the information you need: the designation of soap, the brand name and the manufacturer’s contacts, the composition in a form that is convenient for reading, the expiry date and storage conditions, and the technical conditions according to which it was produced.

Natural soap

Of course, today everyone prefers natural products. This concerns normal soap. For its production, only three elementary natural components are needed. But the composition of modern soap usually includes a very large number of different components. Its chemical composition is difficult to be called natural. It contains a variety of substances, as well as flavors, colorants, stabilizers and preservatives. But, industrial soap is cheap and sold in any store.


Specialists of the well-known brand Dove have taken care of making the body care simple, pleasant and effective. Cream soap «Beauty Bar, White» of Dove trademark will make the usual daily rituals as comfortable as possible. The product with a delicate texture gently cleanses the skin without overdrying it and leaving a feeling of tightness. Special care components, which are contained in the composition of the moisturizing cream soap, compensate for the lack of moisture in the epidermis. The skin becomes gentle, soft, smooth and supple.


The exquisite aroma of soap cream Coconut milk with jasmine petals from Dove relaxes, helps to tune in to positive and to feel all the colors of life. Thanks to the content of a delicate cream, soap gently cares for the skin, prevents the appearance of tightness and discomfort after washing or other water procedures. The product delicately removes all dirt from the epidermis, maintains the optimum level of its hydration, makes it perfectly soft and velvety. With cream-soap Dove, everyday washing will become even more pleasant and comfortable, and the skin will shine with health! Soap is foamed in the hands, apply the formed foam to your face, rub it gently on the massage lines with your hands or with the help of a sponge. Wash off with water.


Specialists and manufacturers of this product created a wonderful antibacterial soap on the basis of natural ingredients, which helps to make the regular procedure for washing and cleansing more pleasant and effective. Solid Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap, Gold contains such extracts, each of which performs its function to fight bacteria and microbes, while saturating the skin with useful trace elements and protecting it from external unfavorable factors. With this soap, the most comfortable sensations and cleanliness of hands are ensured, which keeps you feeling perfectly well.


Beauticians of the brand Pre de Provence Shea Butter Enriched Handmade French used unique caring properties of natural shea butter to create a cream soap. Thanks to the presence of a valuable natural component, this cleanser carefully cares for the skin – softens and moisturizes it, increases its protective properties. Cream soap «Honey Almond» is ideal for daily care of face and body skin, provides delicate cleansing without the feeling of tightness or dryness. Using this cosmetic means, you will enjoy the radiance, freshness of the skin, its softness and elasticity every day. A delicate aroma of soap, tinted with a refined note of spicy vanilla, fills your day with joy.


The unique Vi-Tae Organic Tea Tree Oil Soap has an amazing aroma that will give you a charge of positive emotions. Soft foam delicately cleans the pores of skin secretions and debris of decorative cosmetics, giving the skin impeccable cleanliness and a lasting feeling of freshness. Soap nourishes the dermis with useful substances, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, protects the face from harmful effects of sunlight. The product is absolutely safe, even the owners of sensitive skin can use it. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing effect on the skin, preventing the appearance of rashes and redness.


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